Presentation of the breeding Orlianges

Geographical situation and climate

Orlianges's livestock is situated in Correze at the heart of the natural regional park. ( )

The farm is situated in a place called " les Fargettes", belonging to the municipality of Saint Merd les Oussines.

Orlianges's exploitation rises to 850 meters above sea level in the foothills of the Massif Central.

The climate is semi continental semi ocean reign on the Plateau as the winters are quite harsh.

History : four generations of breeders, one century of selection

1914 : first limousin cow purchased by Félix Orlianges

From 1956 to 1973 : taken from the farm by his son Ovide Orlianges

From 1973 to 1993 : installation of Odile, Ovide's son

From 1993 to 2002 : recovery farm by Geneviéve, Odile's wife

2002 : installation of Jeanne, Geneviéve and Odile's daughter

Presentation of breeding Orlianges

Orlianges's cattle has 90 mothers cows registered in the limousin herd book (, 25 heifers aged 2 years, 25 heifers aged 1 year and 4 bulls. Bulls are purchased in another farm or in Lanaud Sation.

Animals are raised outdoors. 100% of the agricultural area is cultivated grass.

Calving takes place for three months from january to march. It is only then that cows returning to the stable to calve.

The winter ration is composed only of hay and silage. Only heifers aged 1 year are complemented with 1.5kg of complete food.




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